“I decided to study AQA Economics with Borderless Educator as I found it to be a flexible way of learning that I could fit in around my school and extra curricular activities. I found it to be a really friendly and easy way to learn and I managed to get through the course quickly and efficiently. I have seen a vast improvement in my grades and my teacher in school has also noticed that the breadth of my knowledge has increased massively. I would definitely recommend Borderless Educator to anyone who wants flexible learning hours and already have to all my friends. You tend to learn a lot without realizing it just through conversation and having the ability to ask a question whenever you want. Over all a great experience”. [Imaan Alvi. Liverpool. UK. April 2014] 

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. The experience I had with Border-less Education was fantastic. With this educational program I learned how to open up my mind and right creatively. I also learned different writing techniques and rich vocabulary. Taking this course online was very convenient. There were no problems and I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed taking my imagination on the many writing activities assigned to me. I would recommend Border less education to anyone that wants to learn about different writing techniques and taking their mind onto a journey. This class was a magnificent experience.

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