About Me

Hello Everyone,

My name is Anum. I was born and raised in Pakistan. I completed my undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and went on to pursue a Master’s in Marketing Management from Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK. I have recently moved to the US and live in Pine Brook, New Jersey.

For as long as I can remember, I loved school and everything about it. Whether it was the academic requirements or participation in extracurricular activities, I always wanted to do the best I could and be part of anything and everything that was going on. (#fomo) As I grew older, I found my friends counting on me for taking them through key concepts before exams. In anticipation of how I’d be robed in last-minute before end of term, I unconsciously started pacing myself to prepare for exams much before the deadline, so that I had time to help my best friends(mostly) and friends of friends(very so often).

So not only did I enjoy studying myself but felt extremely fulfilled when I helped people do better. Over the years, my friends, peers and colleagues have trusted me in positions of responsibility. This further reinforced the confidence I had in my own abilities When I initially moved to the US, I offered to tutor a cousin of mine while still doing job applications. The best part of the feedback in addition to an improvement in his creative writing skills and style, was how he enjoyed studying with me because I came down to his level.

My ability to treat everyone for “who they are “and look at their positive traits is something I learnt from my mother. She has been the greatest inspiration in my life. Not only does she have a brilliant reputation as a high school economics teacher but she’s by far the most calming, positive, humble and genuine person I have ever seen. I chose to start Borderless Educator to help anyone, anywhere at any time to “be the best they can be” because my mother enabled me to do just that. And may I say so I’ve grown up to be a pretty balanced person. My father, being a military man balanced everything out. So if any of you students, think you can miss a class think again 🙂

So with this blog, I want to share my academic knowledge, professional experience and most importantly “help you for what you need”. Happy reading everyone!

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